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Meet Natalie

Natalie is an accomplished legal executive of our team, occupying a central role.
Lillian De Maria

Natalie De Maria

Legal Executive

She adeptly manages diverse responsibilities, including social media and advertising, legal document creation, client relations, and procedural support across key legal areas such as family law, conveyancing, wills, and probate.

Natalie is a dedicated postgraduate currently pursuing a double degree in Criminology and Psychological Studies at University. Her academic journey is marked by a familiar foundation, having previously completed a Diploma of Justice.

Natalie has traversed the globe and aims to continue exploring diverse cultures. Her love for travel is not merely a leisurely pursuit but an opportunity for her to broaden her horizons, to learn from different perspectives, and to appreciate the beauty of diversity. One of Natalie’s most captivating qualities is her passion for criminal studies and analysis. She takes interest in the workings of the human mind and society’s complex legal systems. She is continually seeking to understand the complexities of criminal behaviour and the justice system in hopes of one day creating a system aimed at providing improved assistance for disadvantaged socioeconomic classes and offenders.